Ayurvedic/Herbal Medicines
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Ayurveda, a traditional Indian system of medicine, has its origin in the Vedas - The manuscripts enlightening the wisdom, theories & philosophies about different aspects of life. The Vedas are written between 2000 to 3000 years ago by ancient Indian visionary masterminds. Ayurveda addresses Health Problems of the human, describes cause & consequences of sickness and prescribe it’s remedies with details of pharmacological actions of various medicaments. Ayurveda emphasizes on consideration of one’s psychosomatic constitution and focuses in preserving & promoting Physical and Mental health of an Individual to live a meaningful life. Ayurvedic medicines aimed to be Curative, Corrective, Restorative, Rejuvenative & Constructive and thus it’s significantly effective for the treatment of patients with chronic diseases & disorders.

Herbal Medicines (Phyto-pharmaceuticals) follow the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and accordingly prepared from the Extracts of Herbs & other Natural Ingredients but have convenient dosage forms. Herbal Medicines generally do not cause Adverse Effects so it’s safe yet efficacious and hence considered to tackle severe illnesses for which the treatment period is uncertain or prolonged.

Our Products

All our products are made from natural ingredients and are free from chemicals, preservatives and other harmful substances.

The Therapeutic Outcome of Medicines obviously depends upon the quality of medicaments and we understand that quality can only be achieved by applying strict compliance to authentic norms set for the entire manufacturing process with continuous verification and validation of material & method. Our commitment for quality reflects in every single unit of each product we Manufactures.
VRPL’s quest for excellence is supported by dedicated R&D, aiming to further improve the quality and increase the efficacy of our products.

Leveraging the benefits of Ayurveda for Health & Wellbeing of people, globally.

At Vihita Remedies, we shall always remain conscious about our Motto. ‘To make best possible contribution for good health of people across the globe and leverage the benefits of Ayurveda to mankind through quality products is the mission statement of VRPL and we shall constantly strive to be one of the most trusted & renowned names for Herbal Medicines’’


Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need to live a healthy, active life.

No harmful chemicals

Our products are genuinely herbal & made without using any harmful chemical.

Carefully chosen products

Our product basket is consisting of medicines for treatment of different ailments.

Quality guaranteed

We follow stringent quality norms to ensure purity and potency of our products.